Our boat, Lady Marguerite, has a capacity of 51 persons including crew. We offer a first class experience providing ample personal space, room to move about, a private marine washroom and stowage area for personal gear. The vessel offers unobstructed views of the wildlife providing unbelievable photographic opportunities.


Yes, almost everyone can embark on a journey of a lifetime when ‘conditions’ are perfect (weather). This is at the captain’s discretion based on weather and sea conditions at the time of the tour.

Yes, there have full private washrooms on board.

Bring cameras, an extra memory card and extra clothing. Dry storage is available on board to keep equipment extra safe on wet days. Feel free to bring additional protection for your camera equipment, i.e. dry bag or plastic bag. 

We also have bar service and snacks so you may need some money or credit card.

We do allow registered service dogs. On our boat we have both a captain and at least one crew member so we are able to look after all passengers safety, both human and canine. This is at the captain’s discretion based on weather and sea conditions at the time of the tour as it would be for people with any legal disability, pregnant women, people with back and neck injuries, etc.


Our customer experience agents are ready to assist by phone or you may reserve directly online by completing the secure reservations form. The peak whale and puffin watching season brings many people from all over the world who share the same desire. Therefore, advanced reservations are highly recommended so that you are assured a seat aboard our vessel. 

Whales & Puffins: Sightings are highest during the month of July, however we can never guarantee as we are dealing with remarkable wonders of Mother Nature. They have been known to arrive a little early or leave a little late, extending sightings from June until August.

Other Marine BirdsTaking a tour anytime during May until the first week of September, you will be sure to see hundreds of thousands of seabirds.


It is a possibility, however icebergs do not frequent our waters every summer but when they do it is usually from mid-May until the end of June.

Whale sightings are highest during the month of July.

Puffins can be seen from June until early September.

We cannot guarantee sightings as we are dealing with Mother Nature.

Humpback whales are the most frequently viewed, but we also see minke, fin, blue, and orca.


Please remember to dress warmly and be prepared for all weather conditions. Keeping in mind that the ocean air will always be cool relative to what you may be experiencing on land. We suggest bringing a jacket/sweater (dress warmly!) on most days, wear soft soled shoes NOT sandals (flip flops or bare feet are not suitable).


Yes, there are lots of parking options in either the Matthew Legacy parking lot or you can take a short walk from downtown along Church Street.

It’s always a possibility, however, our boats are very stable and you have an unobstructed view of the horizon, and plenty of fresh air all around the vessels. As a precaution for those that are susceptible to this ailment, we would recommend that you take your favorite motion sickness medicine at least 1 hour before your journey.

There are several departures throughout the day for your convenience and the rates vary, please see rates & schedule page on our site.


Here are a few examples: Lighthouses, fishing vessels, secluded coves, rocky outcrops, diverse vegetation, sunsets, ecological reserves, buoys, feeding frenzies (birds), sea life and much, much more!


We supply many items so that you remember the amazing experience. We offer complimentary usage of:  binoculars and Transport Canada certified ‘optional’ waterproof flotation jackets.


If Bonavista Puffin and Boat Tours cancel the trip, a full refund will be provided.

Should you decide to cancel 30 minutes or less prior to departure incurs a 100% cancellation fee and no refund shall be given.

Be prepared – No refund for sea sickness! Don’t let seasickness spoil your day – visit your local Pharmacy or Natural Health Food Store.

Please visit our Terms & Policy page for more information.


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